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'The Little Black School Book' launch with Andrew Bolt, Mark Lopez and Kevin Donnelly

14th October, 2008
06:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Imperial Hotel, 2-8 Bourke Street (Corner Spring Street), Melbourne

A sensational new book, born out of classroom reality, is set to rock education practice to its very foundations by telling students how to get ‘As' by exploiting their teachers' biases. 

Rather than complain, this Machiavellian study guide, The Little Black School Book, shows students how to exploit teacher bias and shortfalls in teacher quality.

In English and humanities subjects, where assessment is subjective, students can get ‘As' for their essays by mimicking the politically correct bias of their teachers, while with erroneous teachers, to get ‘As', students need to write the wrong answers, explains Dr Lopez in his new book.

The Little Black School Book: The Secret to Getting Straight 'As' at School and University
Author: Mark Lopez. Published by Connor Court and available for sale at the launch.




Andrew Bolt, Mark Lopez, Kevin Donnelly and John Roskam