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Book Launch: Climate: The Counter-Consensus with the Hon Rodney Hide

7th October, 2010
05:15pm - 6:15pm
Location: Hinton & Associates, Level 18, 114 William Street, Melbourne

The counter-consensus to quasi-scientific hype and induced panic on climate change is at last assembling. Climate: the Counter Consensus examines, with thoroughness and impartial expertise, the so-called facts of global warming that are churned out and unquestioningly accepted, while the scientific and media establishments stifle or deride any legitimate expression of an opposing view.

Professor Carter is an Emeritus Fellow of the IPA. He featured in the 'Climategate' emails as one of those brave enough to question the prevailing wisdom on climate change. Climate: The Counter-Consensus challenges the myths of 'climate science' that have been accepted by the media and the public.

Professor Carter's book will be launched by the Hon Rodney Hide. Rodney is a minister in the New Zealand government, and leader of the ACT New Zealand Party. ACT New Zealand is an explicitly free market and small government party and has five MPs in the New Zealand parliament. New Zealand has implemented an emissions trading scheme and the position of ACT New Zealand is as follows:

Rise up against the emissions trading scheme

The announcement by new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard that Australia will not have an ETS before 2012, shows what a huge mistake the National Government has made by pushing ahead with our scheme in New Zealand...

We are now guaranteed to be at a competitive disadvantage with our closest major trading partner for at least another two years, if not more. How many jobs are we going to lose overseas and what damage will be done to our economy, before Australia, the US, Japan and China get on board - if ever?..

ACT believe the ETS should never have been implemented and will keep campaigning to at least have it suspended. This is a key issue for us. This is a key issue for New Zealand's future prosperity and therefore for all New Zealanders who care about where this country is heading.

The opportunity to hear Rodney Hide speak in Melbourne is a chance not to be missed.

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Bob Carter is an adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University in Queensland.

Rodney Hide is the Leader of the ACT New Zealand Party.