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Turning Tables on Monster Makers

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 5th August, 2000

You have to hand it to the greens. They really know how to push the buttons that generate unnecessary public alarm. Their latest triumph of...

World Economic Forum Protest Loses the Plot

| Gary Johns
Herald Sun 2nd August, 2000

'It is clear that globalization and free markets left to themselves do not always produce the desired or necessary results for society at large.'...

The Pretension of Virtue

| Michael Warby
Adelaide Review 1st August, 2000

I was reading one of the best, and the funniest, book on Australia I have ever read---Bill Bryson's Down Under---when I came across a passage which...

On GM Food

| Alan Moran
Sydney Morning Herald 26th July, 2000

Letter to the Editor: Also published in The Age, 26 July 2000 Your article "It's safety first, but there's not guarantees" (Herald, July 24) gives...

Signs Point to Trouble Ahead

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 22nd July, 2000

A few years ago the American humorist Dave Barry presented a vexing scenario to his readers. Imagine that your wedding ring falls into the toaster,...

Print's Elite Puts Virtue Above Veracity

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Michael Warby
The Australian 22nd July, 2000

Opinion polls tell us that newspaper journalism is the least respected or, if one is harsh, most despised of professions. Only car salesmen...

GM Labelling: Impossible and Unnecessary

| Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 18th July, 2000

Unless we throw a crowbar into its wheels, GM technology will reduce costs to farmers and eventually consumers. The technology allows plant output...

Many are disenchanted with ABC's Correctness

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Michael Warby
Canberra Times 11th July, 2000

If anyone should be a natural defender of the ABC it is John Howard (and if that makes you laugh, that is revealing in itself). After all, like...

'Sorry State'

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 8th July, 2000

Canada has long been a model for those caring and enlightened folk who think that social engineering, judicial activism and frequent breast-beating...

Seeking a Declaration of Independence

| Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 7th July, 2000

If a Parliament were to pass a law stating that orange was an egg and that health regulations required that oranges had to be packed, stored, sold...

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