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Food processing industry looking good

| Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 27th January, 2001

Amongst all the doom and gloom in rural Australia the food processing industry shines brightly. As detailed in the State of the Country series in...

Cash for Certificates a Question of Degrees

Education | Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 20th January, 2001

Are Federal government funding policies forcing our universities to act like fly-by-night car salesmen? Over the past fortnight the media have...

Hey, big spender!

| Michael Warby
Australian Financial Review 9th January, 2001

Michael Warby, a fellow of the Institute of Public Affairs, writing in the latest issue of Agenda. In the real Australia, Prime Minister John...

A 'Grey' Area in Our Race Relations

| Ron Brunton
A 'Grey' Area in Our Race Rela 6th January, 2001

The call could have come from Pauline Hanson. Instead, the demands for an inquiry into people fraudulently saying they are Aborigines so as to get...

What Makes a Third World Country?

| Michael Warby
Adelaide Review 1st January, 2001

We now know it is possible to move from the third-world to the developed world in a generation: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea have done...

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