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Freedom and justice are alive and well: Australians care

| Gary Johns
Online Opinion 11th October, 2004

Those who wanted to rid the nation of “the lying rodent†aka the Prime Minister, John Howard, should relax and have...

Wise Policy Trampled in a Frenzy of Self-interest

| Mike Nahan
The Australian 8th October, 2004

The 2004 federal election will go down in history as an opportunity lost. We had the chance to use 'reform dividend' to address some of the...

Aboriginal Policy: Romantics and Realists

| Gary Johns
The Australian 6th October, 2004

The major parties' Aboriginal policy is a contest between romantics and realists. The split is not strictly along party lines. The Federal...

Labor's weak spot showing

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 4th October, 2004

Why is it that in this election the ALP finds itself confronted by open business opposition to its industrial relations policies when the ALP...

Get More Murray Facts Flowing

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 30th September, 2004

We live in strange times. Official government statistics shows that across Australia water quality in our rivers and streams are generally...

Doctor's Wives: An Apt Metaphor

| Andrew McIntyre
The Age 28th September, 2004

Judith Brett (Opinion, 24/9) finds the term "doctors' wives" extraordinarily patronising. Far more patronising surely is Brett's claim that women...

A Green Vote is a Vote for Economic Vandalism

| Jim Hoggett
Australian Financial Review 21st September, 2004

John Quiggan claims that the Greens are not 'irrational kooks' but 'are defending rational, evidence-based policies against populism and...

Bold changes needed to lift productivity

Economics & Deregulation and Deregulation Unit | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 19th September, 2004

Following the 9 October election, the Coalition must consolidate and build upon the reforms blocked in the Senate. Further reform is vital to...

Energy Market Needs Certainty

Energy | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 18th September, 2004

Government indecision and inaction is creating on-going uncertainty in the energy market. This is threatening investment. The Productivity...

Water draws opportunists

Food & Environment | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 18th September, 2004

Having little political rating 20 years ago, water is now a battleground area in the Federal election campaign. Farmers use 70 per cent of the...

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