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'Easing the squeeze' on farmers

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 16th September, 2004

I've just finished watching the one and only televised debate between the Prime Minister, John Howard, and Opposition Leader, Mark Latham,...

Workplace future on the line

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 9th September, 2004

Just this week certification of an enterprise agreement for the Franklins supermarket chain was held up by the Australian Industrial Relations...

Why Howard is Menzies' heir

| John Roskam
The Age 8th September, 2004

The Prime Minister has not moved to the right. It is the moral middle class that has moved to the left. The claim that under John Howard the...

Force is not friendly

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 4th September, 2004

There is no doubt that achieving a better blending of family and work is a top priority for many Australian families and businesses and for the...

The Greens This Time Around

Food & Environment | Gary Johns
Australian Financial Review 2nd September, 2004

What about the environment vote this time around? The analysis from the 1990 'Green' federal election is salutary. Political scientists, Ian...

Farmers, Murray in election firing line

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 2nd September, 2004

It is now official. The federal election will be on October 9 and there is much talk about the Greens potentially holding the balance of power in...

Union tears apart fabric of industry

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 26th August, 2004

The Textile Clothing and Footwear Union just don't get it! The icon Australian clothing company Fletcher Jones has announced that, after 70 years,...

Long on Flaws, Short on Fixes

Economics & Deregulation and Deregulation Unit | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 24th August, 2004

According to the ACCC's consultants, price and access regulation of gas and electricity networks has increased national wealth by somewhere between...

This 'Innovation' is a Charade

| Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 21st August, 2004

It is time to stop the charade! The Victoria Government's innovation strategy is a destructive joke. Last month I was at a conference attended by...

Will Climate Warming Really Turn Off the Tap?

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 19th August, 2004

I agree that carbon dioxide levels are currently increasing and this could bring a warmer climate. But I differ from Professor Tim Flannery and...

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