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Work safety injustice

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Central Coast Business Review 17th June, 2006

Recently the NSW government announced proposals to changes to their work safety laws. They have made the correct move of eliminating presumption of...

Building bullies and Beazley beware

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
The Age 16th June, 2006

THE union fear campaign being run against the Howard Government's workplace changes is recognised as highly successful. It's apparently hurting the...

Opportunistic opposition

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 16th June, 2006

Randolph Churchill, the father of Winston, had a simple rule about how political parties out of power should operate. He said, "the duty of the...

Why Going Nuclear Looks Good

Energy | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 15th June, 2006

A recent poll of Australians indicates that 60 percent of Labor voters and nearly 40 percent of Coalition voters are against building a nuclear...

Claims on wrong track

| Alan Moran
The Age 14th June, 2006

Brian Buckley (The Age, Business, 7/6) chooses to misunderstand my points on transport. He claimed 55 per cent of New Yorkers were regular transit...

Watchdog barks up Telstra tree on our behalf

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Alan Moran
The Age 9th June, 2006

Ed Willett, the man in charge of telecommunications company regulation at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, at a conference on...

More reasons for travelling north

| Mike Nahan
Australian Financial Review 7th June, 2006

The two state budgets yesterday provide further incentives for families to pull up stumps in NSW and go north to warm, welcoming and solvent...

Bracks' vision still hooked on debt

| Mike Nahan
The Herald Sun 3rd June, 2006

The Bracks Government presents itself as a modern Labor government -- fiscally responsible, family focused and reforming. While its intentions and...

Middle-class welfare won't build fairer Victoria

| John Roskam
The Age 2nd June, 2006

The biggest mistake in modern Australian politics is to think that state governments don't matter any more. With the Federal Government collecting...

Redistribution of power

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 2nd June, 2006

Karl Marx may have been a communist but he was right about a few things. He said the political system of a society reflected its economic...

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