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So rich, we can afford to keep 'Saving the Murray River'

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
Online Opinion 10th May, 2006

The Murray River is a national icon, and campaigning for years by the Australian Conservation Foundation means the river is usually a focus when...

NSW work safety laws are the worst in the world

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Central Coast Business Review 10th May, 2006

The NSW government has been suffering from a lot of criticism over their work safety laws. They deserve the criticism because their laws have been...

Victoria deserves a good Opposition

| Mike Nahan
The Herald Sun 6th May, 2006

Victoria is once again a one-party state, Labor for now and beyond. The Liberal Party -- the party of free enterprise and business -- has...

Curse of bountiful resources

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 5th May, 2006

History shows that boom times contain the germ of their own downfall, writes John Roskam. It's possible to have too much of a good thing....

Grasslands value lost on greenies

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 4th May, 2006

Last year the Victorian government spent an extraordinary $400,000 to save a large gum tree in Albert Park in the middle of Melbourne. The...

Labour clique threatens free market

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
The Age 3rd May, 2006

ALTHOUGH it may sometimes be demonised, a free market is the essence of what makes successful economies work. We might fear free-market competition...

OHS the new battle ground

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 1st May, 2006

Anyone who thought the battlelines over workplace reform were clearly established around Work Choices needs to look again. The extent to which Work...

Wind in sails of a new chorus of claims

Food & Environment | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 27th April, 2006

The first cancellation of a project as a result of environmental activism took place 30 years ago. The previously unknown snail darter was judged...

Hats off to the Patrick visionaries

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
The Herald Sun 22nd April, 2006

The takeover of Patrick Corp by Toll Holdings will bring to an end one of Australia's most remarkable and successful business ventures. All...

Free West Papua not viable

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 21st April, 2006

Claims that our relations with Indonesia are at a crisis because of Australia's decision to provide temporary asylum to 42 West Papuans are wrong....

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