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Bracks to the future - energy policy is a return to protection

Energy | Alan Moran
The Age 26th September, 2006

In spite of heady rhetoric, the Bracks Government has failed to pursue vigorous regulatory reform, and this is beginning to impact on the economy....

Land rationing is not rational

Housing: The Great Australian Dream Project | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 26th September, 2006

Long-established home owners have seen the equity value of their homes rise as a result of the rationing of new land subdivisions. While existing...

A Capital idea: move them out to move us on

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
Sunday Age 24th September, 2006

Last week, when Canberra was named by the Institute of Public Affairs as one of Australia's 13 biggest mistakes, the chief minister of the...

Waking from the dream with a headache

| Mike Nahan
The Herald Sun 23rd September, 2006

Is Steve Bracks' dream run coming to an end? It has been a dream to be in Government in Australia this decade, Victoria being no exception....

New Way of Building Construction Deals

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 22nd September, 2006

The Federal Government's new construction industry, industrial relations legislation tends to reinforce a view that for workplace reform to occur...

Second-guessers get it wrong

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 22nd September, 2006

'Public intellectuals" are often pompous, usually wrong, and sometimes dangerous. Donald Horne, as the inventor of the term "the Lucky Country" was...

Loving the Corporation

| Scott Hargreaves
Counterpoint 19th September, 2006

When Peter Drucker died late last year, his reputation as the "father of the modern management" was secure. Leading business figures such as Jack...

Only the market can properly reshape the media

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Chris Berg
Australian Financial Review 15th September, 2006

Robert Menzies despised television and stated privately that he hoped it would not be introduced during his government. Does Communications...

Crickey! Talk about one-off

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 14th September, 2006

The death of the Crocodile Hunger, Steve Irwin, from a sting-ray barb in Far North Queensland last week has triggered a remarkable outpouring of...

Universities should focus on research

Education | Tom Quirk
Australian Financial Review 13th September, 2006

The Productivity Commission is conducting a research study on public support for science and innovation. Submissions to the study can be found on...

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