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The ABC is great: we should privatise it

Ideas & Liberty | James Paterson
The Drum 15th September, 2010

The debate about whether or not the ABC should be privatised generally follows a predictable course. The ABC's critics typically list its failings,...

No new paradigm

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 14th September, 2010

"New paradigm": strange that a phrase coined by Bob Katter could get so much currency. But despite the unusual result of this election, everything...

What can we expect from our government?

Governance & Service Provision | Alan Moran
Online Opinion 13th September, 2010

While independents, Greens and Australian Democrats have played major roles in the Senate, the normal position of independents in the lower House...

Expect Libs to go in for the kill

Governance & Service Provision | Tim Wilson
The Age 8th September, 2010

Despite calls for consensus politics, for the next three years Australians should expect a Liberal-led opposition to behave like an animal that's...

Minority government gridlock good for the ALP

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 8th September, 2010

Labor lost the war. But it won the reconstruction handily. Nobody thought the Gillard team could come together as it did in the last two weeks....

A cynical look at parliamentary reform

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 7th September, 2010

We're usually a distrustful lot. When it was revealed Andrew Wilkie had asked for federal funds to redevelop the Royal Hobart Hospital, everybody...

Life under Gillard could be an expensive business

Governance & Service Provision, Energy and Climate Change | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 5th September, 2010

If Julia Gillard holds government, the alliance she will have cobbled together will speak in one voice on one major issue - climate change. Andrew...

As a business manager, Victoria doesn't hold water

Governance & Service Provision | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 4th September, 2010

Rain is falling in Victoria and water restrictions are being relaxed. How well has the Government performed as a business manager in...

Snapping at heels of civil liberty

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Sydney Morning Herald 4th September, 2010

It was obviously a tactical error for Paul Hogan to tell the Australian Taxation Office to "come and get me, you bastards". The ATO claims Hogan...

Government: who needs it?

Governance & Service Provision | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 3rd September, 2010

The election result isn't all bad. If you own shares, you shouldn't be unhappy we don't have a government yet. That's because there's a chance that...

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