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Hugh Tobin

Portrait of Hugh Tobin

Hugh Tobin is the former Deputy Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs. He was previously Director of the IPA's North Australia Project and has also worked as Managing Editor of the IPA Review and Public Affairs Manager. Hugh has recently completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School and has also completed a Masters in Communications from RMIT University.

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Government must urgently reduce costs and burdens on business


As commodity prices continue to fall the government must urgently act by cutting expenses and compliance burdens on business, according to the Institute of Public Affairs. "It has been revealed that Hancock Prospecting had to comply with over...

The future is bright


Over-population, food shortages and an environment on the brink of collapse. It's easy to be pessimistic about the world's future. This is why it is a relief to find that there are some scientists who still believe that the world might not be on...

Double blow to Aus economy as productivity falters and investment moves offshore


Free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, has today said that high taxes and overregulation are choking the Australian economy. This follows reports that China's sixth largest steel maker has invested US$1.5 billion in Sierra Leone...

Government must ditch new taxes to stop resource boom collapse


Free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, today called on the Gillard Government to scrap its mining and carbon taxes in light of the looming economic downturn in Australia's biggest export market, China. ‘The recent stock...

Share market meltdown hit to resources sector


A new report this week from Ernst & Young reveals the threat to the resources sector from higher taxes in the wake of this week's share market collapse. Responding to the report Hugh Tobin, Director of the North Australia Project at the...

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The September 11 terrorist attacks were arguably the most watched event in human history. As a result, the facts about what happened seem...

9-11 theories in overdrive

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The Geelong Advertiser 29th March, 2007

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Governance & Service Provision | Hugh Tobin
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Smoking bans seem to have strong public support and are being rolled out all over the world. In Australia, graphic warnings have been introduced on...