New poll: More Australians agree we are becoming a nanny state, 70% think food, tobacco & alcohol plain packs ineffective


| Tim Wilson

New poll: More Australians agree we are becoming a nanny state, 70% think food, tobacco & alcohol plain packs ineffective

‘A new poll shows the number of people who strongly agree Australia is becoming a nanny state has increased by a fifth over the past year, with 55% believing Australia is a nanny state and more than 70% thinking plain packaging won't be an effective policy', said Policy Director, Tim Wilson, today.

‘Despite recent efforts by lobbyists to push policies towards plain packaging laws for certain foods, it is clear Australians aren't buying their proposals.

‘68% of Australians think plain packaging on fast food products will be ineffective, only slightly higher than the 66% on tobacco products, and lower than the 74% for alcohol.

‘An IPA-commissioned poll from April last year found the same number (55%) thought Australia was becoming a nanny state, but the number who ‘strongly agree' has increased from 24% to 29%.

‘Recent nanny state proposals from fat taxes, removing cartoon characters from food, to text-based alcohol warning labels show the number of nanny state laws is rapidly increasing.

‘Australians clearly understand governments are frequently introducing new measures, bit-by-bit, on how we live our lives taking us further down the nanny state path. ‘These nanny state policies cannot be treated in isolation.

‘Government should get out of people's lives. It's immoral to create a culture of victimhood where people aren't exposed to risk, responsibility and reward', Mr Wilson said.


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Mr Wilson's comments follow a Galaxy poll commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs over the weekend of September 9-11. The questions and results appear below.


Q1: Some people claim Australia is becoming a ‘nanny state' where there is too much government intervention and control in people's day to day lives. Do you agree or disagree that Australia is becoming a ‘nanny state'?

Total agree 55%

Total disagree 40%

Don't know 5%

Strongly agree 29%

Strongly disagree 11%


Somewhat agree 26%

Somewhat disagree 29%



Q2: Thinking now about plain packaging, by that we mean the removal of brand names and logos so all products have a uniform pack design. Please say whether you believe that plain packaging will be effective or not effective in reducing consumption?

Fast foodCigarettesAlcohol
Effective 29%Effective 31%Effective 23%
Not effective 68%Not effective 66%Not effective 74%
Don't know 3%Don't know 3%Don't know 3%

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