Climate Change: The Facts


| Alan Moran

Climate Change: The Facts

Australia needs an honest debate about the facts of climate change.

Governments around the world are preparing to dramatically increase taxes, regulate energy supplies and limit individual choices to deal with climate change.

But what do we really know about the science of climate change? Is climate change caused by humans? Is it new? Is there a "scientific consensus"? Is CO2 pollution? Can we cut emissions cheaply? What's missing from the climate change debate?

In this important book, the world's best scientists and economists tackle the most important political issue in a century.

With contributions from Ian Plimer, Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter, Nigel Lawson, Bill Kininmonth, Willie Soon, Christopher Monckton, Garth Paltridge, Richard Tol, Brian Fisher, and Alan Moran, with an introduction by John Roskam.


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