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Chaplains decision a win for democracy

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"Today's decision of the High Court of Australia in Williams v The Commonwealth of Australia is a step in the right direction," said Simon Breheny, Director of the Legal Rights Project at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. The...

Minimum wage hike to cost 100,000 jobs: IPA

MEDIA RELEASE | Aaron Lane and Julie Novak

"Today's minimum wage hike will continue to hurt low income households, young workers and the unemployed," said Aaron Lane, Research Fellow at the free market think thank the Institute of Public Affairs. Today an expert panel of the Fair Work...

Abbott government must proceed to restore free speech

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"Recent reports indicating that the Abbott government is about to back down on the proposed repeal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act are deeply concerning," said Simon Breheny, Director of the Legal Rights Project at free market...

Submission to the Renewable Energy Target Review Panel



Bureaucracy overload


State government employment since the GST reforms

States must restrain runaway bureaucracy costs: IPA


State and territory governments must get the costs of their own bureaucracies under control to help deliver longer term fiscal sustainability, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "Since the GST reforms the trend...

Aunty out of control


There's only one way to fix the ABC, and that is by privatising it. Everything else is window dressing. If the ABC wants to be reformed, they are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Since the election of the Abbott government, it is...

The battle over cheap energy in the third world

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Brendan Pearson

The American literary critic Lionel Trilling once sounded a warning about the risks of the ‘preening moral righteousness' that is relevant to many of today's environmental campaigners and the complaisant international aid bodies influenced...

The Cyberbullying moral panic

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Chris Berg and Simon Breheny

Bullying among children is a serious problem. At its tragic worst it can lead to suicide. But it is a serious social problem, not a technological one. Earlier this year, the Coalition government released a discussion paper ‘Enhancing Online...

Submission to the public consultation on amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975

SUBMISSION | Simon Breheny


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