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State Business Tax Calculator - Fact Sheets - 2009


The IPA State Business Tax Calculator (SBTC) is a quantitative model that measures the tax imposed on business by state governments. The latest information on tax rates and structures (as at 31 December 2009) are used to calculate tax liabilities.

Business Bearing the Burden 2009


The IPA State Business Tax Calculator calculates the level of state government taxes on business in each of the six Australian states. The IPA analysis reveals: South Australia has the highest taxes on business, while Western Australia has the...

Costly, ineffectual and protectionist carbon tariffs

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Tim Wilson and Caitlin Brown

Many developed country governments are in the process of negotiating for the introduction of carbon price signals to incentivise business and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. Individual European countries and the European Union already...

Submission to the Queensland Government on its Proposed Gas Reservation Policy


Queensland's reserves of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) are a major asset. Development of the gas may have been assisted by regulations that require 13/15 per cent of electricity in the state to be generated by gas. Some deposits may also benefit from a...

WA regulation growing faster than any other state


Western Australian governments have increased the regulatory burden on the state's economy more rapidly than any other state, finds a major new report released today by the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation and Institute of Public Affairs as a...

Free to gamble: The roles of the gambling industry and policy in a modern Australian society

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Richard Allsop and Mikayla Novak

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