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A Licence to Nanny

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Evan Mulholland

In July 2016, the New South Wales government announced a ban on greyhound racing and subsequently sought to shut down the entire industry. When making the decision, Premier Mike Baird said ‘a sport which utilises animals cannot operate...

Australia's Tax Mutineers


The most significant political transformations in human history originated as rebellions against unfair taxation. The Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution, establishing the principles of the rule of law and parliamentary sovereignty, were...

How The Bill Leak Saga Shows The Dangers Of 18C

VIDEO | Institute of Public Affairs

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The Process is the Punishment for QUT Students


"The Turnbull government cannot stick its head in the sand any longer on section 18C: the law must be repealed," said John Roskam, Executive Director at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "The proof that the human rights...

Toxic Greens

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Darcy Allen and Daniel Wild

Earlier this year in central Victoria, an orchid stopped a gold mine. The plant was growing seven kilometres away from the proposed mine site-a treeless, badly eroded 15 hectare block grazed by sheep for more than a century. But the three miners...

Taming the Final Frontier


On November 25 last year, Barack Obama signed what one commentator described as ‘the most sweeping legislative recognition of property rights in human history'. The cause for such a grand claim? The US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness...

Hazelwood closure a disaster for Victoria and Australia


The confirmation today that French energy company Engie will close Victoria's Hazelwood power station in March 2017 and also try to sell Loy Yang B, will have serious consequences for electricity prices and security, according to free market think...

Default superannuation - let all Australians choose


All Australians should have the freedom to choose their superannuation fund according to a submission to the Productivity Commission's Superannuation Default Model Inquiry by free-market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "There should be...

IPA welcomes PM support for inquiry into 18C

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

The free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs today welcomed the Prime Minister's comment that a parliamentary inquiry into section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 would be a "reasonable" way of having an "open and calm,...

Submission on alternative superannuation default models

SUBMISSION | Brett Hogan

The Institute of Public Affairs believes that superannuation lies at the heart of important national policy questions about taxes, spending, personal responsibility and choice, as well as the appropriate role of government and its regulatory...

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