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A Casual Discussion: Decasualisation for long-term casuals

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Jonathan Hamberger

There has been a growing concern at the number of casual employees in Australia. According to ABS figures about 27 per cent of workers are now employed as casuals. Explanations for the growth in casual employment are relatively easy to find....

A Casual Discussion: High casual rate stifles productivity


Around the world it is understood that the modern sources of productivity growth are skills and new ideas. The Productivity Commission has concluded there was no discernible acceleration in Australian workforce skills during the 1990s, with skills...

A Casual Discussion: Casual Employment in 2004


The world of work has changed significantly over the past generation. Employment regulation needs to be flexible to allow businesses to respond to clients, consumers and competitors. Employees are more skilled, more mobile, and one size does not...

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