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The Institute of Public Affairs Deregulation Unit seeks to reduce government intervention in the economy. Regulatory reform has been important in promoting the economic improvement Australia has experienced during the reform period. By examining regulation in trade, labour markets, corporate behaviour, energy, infrastructure and the social sphere, the Deregulation Unit recommends further avenues for reform.

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Red tape ready for Malcolm Turnbull to cut

Deregulation Unit | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 23rd September, 2016

The ridiculous story of Tori Gentle and Bea Cobon and their cafe reveals how red tape threatens Australia's prosperity. Their cafe is a small...

Christmas carol ban is out of tune with society

Ideas & Liberty, Deregulation Unit and Legal Rights Project | Simon Breheny
The Australian 22nd December, 2015

Victoria's public schools are the frontline in the war on Christmas. In an extraordinary decision of the Andrews government, Education Minister...

A cigarette that could actually save lives

Deregulation Unit | Simon Breheny
The Daily Telegraph 11th March, 2015

Electronic cigarettes may be the greatest tool in the fight against lung cancer that the world has ever seen. They're cheap, convenient and they're...

What is a taxi? Regulation and the sharing economy

Economics & Deregulation and Deregulation Unit | Darcy Allen
OECD Insights 22nd December, 2014

The ‘sharing economy' has emerged because new technologies such as the internet have drastically reduced transaction costs. Embracing these...

Liberalising land regulations would open new frontiers

Economics & Deregulation and Deregulation Unit | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 28th November, 2014

Relaxing the labyrinthine restrictions over the use of our abundant land could fundamentally transform the economy and enhance our standard of...

The Abbott Government's chance for real reform

Deregulation Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 25th November, 2014

The word "deregulation" has been steadily degraded over the last two decades. Like the word reform, it is both overused and overly abstract....


The Impact of the Prohibitive Cost of Building in Victoria


On Wednesday 30 November 2016, the Australian Senate passed the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill. The main object of the Bill is to: "...provide an improved workplace relations framework for building work to ensure...

How Red Tape Almost Killed Me


To be told you are suffering from terminal cancer is a traumatic experience in itself. Discovering that life-saving medicine is beyond your reach because of government red tape is devastating. Yet this is the reality facing so many cancer patients...

Submission to Ride Sourcing Inquiry


The IPA submits that the only objective of legislative action should be reducing regulatory barriers to entrepreneurs developing new approaches to public transport, such as ride-sharing. Currently, such an objective benefits riders and drivers...