Economics & Deregulation

Economics & Deregulation

Economic policy research has been a core area of the Institute of Public Affairs since the IPA was founded in 1943. The IPA examines state and federal tax, spending and regulatory initiatives, looking carefully at the unintended consequences of government intervention in the economy. Of particular interest are tax reform, government spending, industrial relations, trade liberalisation, economic freedom, physical and intellectual property rights and regulation.

Sub-topics of Economics & Deregulation


The ABC should share the burden of spending cuts

Economics & Deregulation | Julie Novak
Canberra Times 16th April, 2014

This year, pre-budget speculative fear and loathing is gripping the public sector more intensely than usual, as the Abbott government floats...

Bilateral trade deals simply a political plaything

Economics & Deregulation and Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 15th April, 2014

Bilateral free trade agreements are political confidence tricks. Far from encouraging trade liberalisation, the trade negotiation process holds it...

It's the tax debate we have to have

Economics & Deregulation | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 11th April, 2014

The pity about the debate we're having on the GST is that it's not a debate about how to cut taxes and how to cut government spending. The debate...

Revenue lobbyists should leave the GST alone

Economics & Deregulation | Julie Novak
The Drum 11th April, 2014

Australia should get its excessive spending under control without resorting to the tempting but unwarranted consumption tax grabs we have recently...

Beware of wolves wrapped in climate change

Economics & Deregulation, Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 4th April, 2014

In The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio's mentor says, "Nobody knows if the stocks will go up, down, sideways" and explains that the...

Guess what: creative industries jobs are okay

Economics & Deregulation | Jason Potts
The Conversation 3rd April, 2014

A little economics can go a long way, and that is certainly true when thinking about good jobs and bad jobs, and specifically whether some sectors...


Minimum wages must not rise: IPA


"High minimum wages discourage employment and workforce participation. An increase in the minimum wage will particularly hurt the unemployed and low income households," said Aaron Lane, Research Fellow at the free market think tank the Institute...

Poll: Aussies won't pay for climate schemes


A new poll conducted for the Institute of Public Affairs by Galaxy Research shows an increasing number of Australians are unwilling to pay to fight global warming. The poll also shows a stable attitude towards the science of climate change. 1,059...

Energy Policy for Australia


Submission to the White Paper on Energy