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Energy is a vital area of the Australian economy, but it is constantly threatened by regulation and taxation. The Institute of Public Affairs examines the regulatory framework governing the energy sector and shows how deregulation can ensure that firms are given every opportunity to operate efficiently and that consumers receive the full benefits of a deregulated energy market. Environmental policies are also likely to challenge the vitality of this important sector.

The IPA also runs the Energy Forum, which brings together firms in the electricity and gas supply industry, all of which share a common view that privatisation and minimal levels of regulation will best serve the community. It provides a platform on which major industry leaders can test their views and subject them to informed criticism. Energy Forum papers are available here. For more information about the Energy Forum, please contact Alan Moran.

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Who should take the blame for the biofuels tragedy?


In Mexico early last year, 75,000 people took to the streets in protest of the increasing cost of basic grain, in what were branded the ‘tortilla riots.' In March 2008, there were food riots in Egypt. And in April, Haitians rioted over the...

Federal government ads misleading on climate insurance cost

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Sinclair Davidson

In order to prepare the nation for the introduction of the ETS, the federal government has begun a large advertising campaign to argue that, without action, climate change will have a significant economic impact. In particular one of their most...

Climate change is not our #1 problem

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | John-Paul Fenwick

It is easy to forget that climate change is not the only issue facing the world today. In ignoring other problems we run the risk of introducing inefficient solutions that make other problems worse. A good example is the promotion of biofuels...

Federal Government's ETS Green Paper is a Recipe for Radical Transformation of Economy


If implemented, the measures to curb Australia's carbon emissions foreshadowed in the federal government's Green Paper will bring about a radical transformation of the economy, according to the Institute of Public Affairs, Australia's leading free...

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the National FuelWatch (Empowering Consumers) Bill

SUBMISSION | Sinclair Davidson

FuelWatch is the sort of stunt only a state government can try


Why is petrol so politically potent? It might not just be because of price. There seems to be a whole psychology of purchasing petrol that gets ignored. If you read the IPA Review, it probably means you believe in freedom of choice. But how much...

A critique of the ACCC analysis of the FuelWatch scheme

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Sinclair Davidson

Much has been made of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission analysis of the Western Australian FuelWatch scheme. This paper investigates the ACCC analysis published last December and comments briefly on the additional analysis the...

Resource adequacy and efficient infrastructure investment

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Alan Moran and Ben Skinner

Chapter 11 of Competitive Electricity Markets

The emergence of Australia's electricity market


Int. J. Global Energy Issues, Vol. 29, Nos. 1/2, 2008

Despite the Bali show-and-tell, carbon targets continue to be futile


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