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The Institute of Public Affairs looks at food and agriculture from the perspective of consumer choice and liberalisation. Advances in agricultural biotechnology is likely bring large environmental and consumer benefits to the Australian agricultural industry. But some sectors in Australia's agricultural industry are still burdened by legacy regulatory frameworks which hamper their competitiveness. The IPA focuses on the regulatory barriers faced by farmers and consumers.

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Neo-prohibition isn't the answer to violent crime

Ideas & Liberty, Food and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 21st January, 2014

It wouldn't be a moral panic without demands that the government do something. And so it is with the alcohol-fuelled violence panic that swept New...

Scare campaigns aside, GST on food is a no-brainer

Economics & Deregulation, Food & Environment and Food | Chris Berg
The Drum 13th August, 2013

Let us thank Kevin Rudd for reminding voters that "great big new tax" scare campaigns are a bipartisan affair. The sole hook for Labor's claim that...

ACCC supermarket battle must put consumers first

Economics & Deregulation and Food | Tim Wilson
The Australian 24th June, 2013

Despite the views of politicians and regulators, consumers are driving prices lower through changes in supermarket business models that favour...

Fat chance scare tactics will trim us

Health, Food and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
Courier Mail 28th February, 2013

In yesterday's Courier-Mail, a senior Queensland health bureaucrat proposed graphic health warning labels be put on sugary, fatty and salty foods...

An assault on diet

Health and Food | Chris Berg
The Age 24th February, 2013

When the National Health and Medical Research Council released its official new dietary guidelines this week, they helpfully included a sample...

Agricultural blocks squander our chance to play vital food role

Economics & Deregulation and Food | Peter Gregory
Courier Mail 8th February, 2013

Bad policies underpinned by warped environmental priorities don't just hold back agriculture in Queensland and hurt farmers in the state. They have...


Red tape stifling agricultural innovation for farmers

MEDIA RELEASE | Evan Mulholland

The Institute of Public Affairs have welcomed recommendations by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry report on agricultural innovation for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to investigate red tape requiring unmanned aerial...

Consumer-driven competition and business models driving supermarket retail prices down by at least 5%


"Pressure from consumers to increase efficiencies, scale and competition are cutting supermarket retail prices by at least five per cent", said Tim Wilson, Director of the IP and Free Trade Unit at the free market Institute of Public Affairs...

Consumer-driven price cuts through scale


How consumers are driving business models to deliver lower prices and improve convenience and quality.