Food & Environment

Food & Environment

Australia is rich in both ecology and natural resources. The Institute of Public Affairs Food and Environment Unit seeks to determine our national and international role in feeding the world and protecting the environment. The IPA examines environmental and agricultural policies across the countries, with particular emphasis on climate change policy, water, agricultural biotechnology, resource management, and market-based solutions to environmental challenges.

Sub-topics of Food & Environment


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Myth and the Murray: Measuring The Real State of the Environment

IPA BACKGROUNDER | Jennifer Marohasy

We have all heard about the declining health of the Murray River, including poor water quality, dying red gums and threats to the continued survival of the Murray cod---this is the popular view in urban Australia. Along the river, communities...

GM Fish and Chips? Already and Australian Staple!

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

Whipping up public fears that GM canola would be the 'first' GM food in Australia conveniently overlooks the fact that we've been eating oil from GM cotton for years.

Where's the Data?

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

We are repeatedly told that Australia's waterways are seriously degraded or under threat. Yet no-one seems seriously willing to answer the obvious question- where's the data to support the alarming claims?

Property Rights to Water: Effects on Agricultural Productivity and the Environment


If water rights are taken away without compensation, major incentives that power the economy’s well-being are undermined.

Deceit in the Name of Conservation?

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

'Deception' is the only fitting word for the treatment of some of the evidence used in the most recent campaign about the Barriet Reef.

WWF Says 'Jump!', Governments Ask 'How High?'

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Jennifer Marohasy

WWF Says 'Jump!', Governments Ask 'How High?'   A case study suggests that governments need to better scrutinize allegations of environmental harm and those who make them by Jennifer Marohasy and Gary Johns '[We] base our work on sound...

Clough Lecture 1999: Private Conservation

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Michael De Alessi

Despite what one tends to read or hear, the gains in environmental quality around the world in the last few decades have been astounding. People are living longer, the air is getting cleaner, and agriculture is getting more productive, freeing up...

Regulating Biotechnology: Some Questions and Answers


Forty years ago James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the molecular structure of DNA and, from the early seventies, biotechnologists progressively learned more precise ways of introducing genes into plants and animals. Although by...

Risk Assessment and Decision Making for Genetically Modified Foods


The introduction of genetically modified foods has been accompanied by a level of concern in Europe which was not seen in the United States. This is seen as reflecting both a different cultural appraisal of risk, sensitised by the 'mad cow'...

The Burning Continent: Forest Ecosystems and Fire Management in Australia

BOOK | Bill (W.E.) Hurditch, Bill (W.J.) Hurditch, Peter Attiwill and Ross Florence

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