Food & Environment

Food & Environment

Australia is rich in both ecology and natural resources. The Institute of Public Affairs Food and Environment Unit seeks to determine our national and international role in feeding the world and protecting the environment. The IPA examines environmental and agricultural policies across the countries, with particular emphasis on climate change policy, water, agricultural biotechnology, resource management, and market-based solutions to environmental challenges.

Sub-topics of Food & Environment


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Certainly clouds the IPCC

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Sinclair Davidson and Alex Robson

What will happen to the cod if the Murray River runs dry?

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

We have managed to regulate the Murray, but we have not yet reconciled with it.

The loss of the baiji

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

You have probably never heard of the baijiâ€â€the graceful, grey dolphin endemic to the Yangtze River with tiny eyes and a long narrow beak. If you ever visit China, chances are you will never see one.

The Greenpeace attack on development in Papua New Guinea


Any nation, of whatever size or characteristics, has to be free to utilise whatever natural resources, labour or other assets it has been granted by geographic luck.

Nuclear Waste Management in Australia


Many countries are searching for a publicly acceptable system for nuclear waste disposal. Australia may be in a unique position to offer safe long term burial of waste. This will not only make a substantial contribution to world security but also...

Polar Bear Politics: Underestimating the survival capacity of one popular bear

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

Are polar bears really threatened by global warming or are they being opportunistically exploited by scientists and activists to sell a particularly bleak and brittle story of their iconic status?

'The macabre fascination that goes with gothic horror novels'

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

What can we learn from six years of salinity hype?

Agriculture Isn't Bad: A guide to food, its production and the environment


Consensus can be wrong


Kill Crocodiles for fun and profit

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

Allowing tourists to kill and sell crocodiles is definitely worth considering

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