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Australian health policy is a mess of state and federal confusion, myths about the negative consequences of choice and competition, and nanny state measures which aim to restrict individual behaviour. The Institute of Public Affairs examines health policy from the perspective of markets and competition, with the aim of rejuvinating debate about this vital sector.

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Finding a cure for Ebola

Health | Peter Gregory
Australian Financial Review 5th November, 2014

The outbreak of Ebola in Africa has demonstrated the need to reduce regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and elsewhere as...

Fat chance scare tactics will trim us

Health, Food and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
Courier Mail 28th February, 2013

In yesterday's Courier-Mail, a senior Queensland health bureaucrat proposed graphic health warning labels be put on sugary, fatty and salty foods...

An assault on diet

Health and Food | Chris Berg
The Age 24th February, 2013

When the National Health and Medical Research Council released its official new dietary guidelines this week, they helpfully included a sample...

The puritanical public health movement

Ideas & Liberty and Health | Chris Berg
The Drum 23rd October, 2012

For eight weeks in 2011, four public health researchers - three from the Cancer Council, one from the University of Western Australia - watched 792...

Finding a focus for disability policy reform efforts

Economics & Deregulation and Health | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 12th March, 2012

Over the past 12 months the Gillard government has attempted to improve its opinion poll ratings, in part by advocating policies to appeal to core...

Should packaged alcohol display health warnings?

Deregulation Unit, Health and Food | Tim Wilson
Sydney Morning Herald 10th March, 2012

Mandated alcohol warning labels don't work and perpetuate the government-sponsored drift away from individual choice and responsibility that fuels...


Healthy competition is good for children


‘It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, only that you tried and did your best.' This is often said to help children come to terms with suffering a defeat of some sort. In fact, this valuable lesson only applies where competition exists....

A roadmap to peace in the war on drugs


The war on drugs has been raging for decades. Tens of millions of lives have been lost or ruined. Because both the effect of the drugs and the effect of criminalisation have contributed to the toll, both prohibitionists and those for...

The Impact and Cost of Health Sector Regulation

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Chris Berg, Tim Wilson and Mikayla Novak

Every Australian deserves the opportunity to access high quality health care services. Those services should improve quality of life while remaining affordable. Increasingly however, Australia's health system is bowing under the weight of a...