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The Institute of Public Affairs examines the philosophical and moral case for liberty. By situating current political, economic and social debate in the history of Australian and international liberalism, it is possible to shed new light on the questions of today. The Institute of Public Affairs approaches political debate firmly grounded with an appreciation of entrepeneurship, civil liberties, individual responsiblity and free markets.

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Brexit would be good for the UK and good for Europe

Ideas & Liberty | Brett Hogan
Lowy Interpreter 22nd June, 2016

This article was written by Brett Hogan and John Roskam. This week's referendum on whether the UK remains with, or leaves, the EU is primarily...

Proposed changes to CFA are an attack on volunteer firefighters

Ideas & Liberty | Tony Abbott
Herald Sun 21st June, 2016

When Australians see a job that needs to be done, we roll up our sleeves, join with our neighbours and make a difference. This is one of our key...

Brexit is shaping as the EU's swansong

Ideas & Liberty | Georgina Downer
Herald Sun 20th June, 2016

Next Thursday 23 June, British voters will go to the polls to decide whether to remain in the European Union or leave it. Since joining the EU over...

The once-in-a-generation change to our foreign policy

Ideas & Liberty | Tom Switzer
Sydney Morning Herald 13th June, 2016

Great sea changes of foreign-policy opinion are rare in Australian politics, taking place perhaps once in a generation. But there is ample evidence...

John Roskam: why opportunity means more than fairness

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 3rd June, 2016

We've heard a lot about "fairness" in this election campaign. Both sides talk about it. Malcolm Turnbull says "fairness" is an "absolutely...

ANZ's Aitken call shows companies and social fads don't mix

Ideas & Liberty | Simon Breheny
Australian Financial Review 1st June, 2016

Companies should have the power to hire and fire whomever they like. Bell Potter Securities is well within its rights to let Angus Aitken go. But...


In Defence of the British Nation State: The Australian Case for Brexit

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Georgina Downer

On 23 June, Britons will be asked, Brexit or not? The answer will have seismic ramifications for the future of democracy, sovereignty and freedom. No lesser advocates than Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron have prosecuted the...

Ten Policies We Need To Hear In This Election Campaign


Free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, has today released a list of the top ten policy commitments it wants to see in this election campaign. "While the major party leaders have been moving around the country since early May...

Mark Steyn on Freedom

VIDEO | Mark Steyn

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