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A core focus of the Institute of Public Affairs is examining paternalist government regulation. Much contemporary social regulation is designed to shield individuals from voluntary risk-taking behaviour. However, having the government assume the role of risk manager is damaging to the principle of individual responsiblity.

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Dud tax proves nanny does not know best

Nanny State | Aaron Lane
The Australian 20th February, 2014

The nanny state's experiment with behavioural taxation has failed. Such taxes are causing countless unintended consequences without achieving their...

End the cotton wool culture for kids

Ideas & Liberty and Nanny State | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 31st January, 2014

A lot of nonsense has been written lately about young people, alcohol and violence. But there's one particular bit of nonsense that stands out....

Neo-prohibition isn't the answer to violent crime

Ideas & Liberty, Food and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 21st January, 2014

It wouldn't be a moral panic without demands that the government do something. And so it is with the alcohol-fuelled violence panic that swept New...

A nanny state on IR policy is the Liberal choice

Work Reform and Productivity Unit and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 27th August, 2013

In politics, sometimes it's best not to go into detail. This is the lesson Eric Abetz learned after he explained part of the Coalition's industrial...

Advocates of a nanny state assume we are all children

Economics & Deregulation, Deregulation Unit and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
Courier Mail 13th May, 2013

Nanny state critics understand that incremental attacks on our freedom to choose are single steps down a longer road to remove individual choice...

Fat chance scare tactics will trim us

Health, Food and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
Courier Mail 28th February, 2013

In yesterday's Courier-Mail, a senior Queensland health bureaucrat proposed graphic health warning labels be put on sugary, fatty and salty foods...


Government will spend nearly 60 million this year lobbying itself for nanny state policies


The Commonwealth government will this year give $57.7 million of taxpayers' money to the Australian National Preventive Health Agency to lobby the government for Nanny State policies, according to a new paper by the free market think tank the...

The Biggest Vested Interest of All: How Government Lobbies to Restrict Individual Rights and Freedom


The Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan wrote in The Monthly in March 2012 that: Australia's fair go is today under threat from a new source. To be blunt, the rising power of vested interests is undermining our equality and threatening our democracy. But...

End the Nanny State to win


As the polls plunge and a tide of sleaze threatens the government, Labor has responded with a storm of class war rhetoric unseen in decades. The prime minister has declared the next election will be about ‘whether you stand for the...