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A core focus of the Institute of Public Affairs is examining paternalist government regulation. Much contemporary social regulation is designed to shield individuals from voluntary risk-taking behaviour. However, having the government assume the role of risk manager is damaging to the principle of individual responsiblity.

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Convergence Review is clever, subtle ... and worrying

Ideas & Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Deregulation Unit and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 1st May, 2012

One pregnant sentence in the Convergence Review says, "It is important to note that the current Australian Press Council regime where members can...

No granny chic in nanny state shtick

Nanny State | Tim Wilson
The Age 23rd March, 2012

Risk-averse paternalism makes for a perverse reversal of freedoms. The nanny state isn't a cheap Tory slogan. It is a threat to our free, open,...

Regulating from a distance: Finkelstein, politics, power

Ideas & Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Deregulation Unit and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 7th March, 2012

The structure of the News Media Council proposed by Ray Finkelstein is complicated. The council would consist of a chair and 20 other members. Half...

Pre-commitment policy will punish all gamblers

Nanny State | Mikayla Novak
The Australian 1st November, 2011

One of the criticisms of proposals to restrict the use of poker machines is that it will hurt non-problem gamblers in the cause of helping problem...

It's time for tax reform

Ideas & Liberty and Nanny State | James Paterson
Think & Grow Rich 12th October, 2011

Australians are over-taxed. And, to paraphrase Kerry Packer's immortal phrase, governments don't spend our money well enough to deserve any more of...

One savings account we don't need

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | James Paterson
The Spectator Australia 23rd September, 2011

How could a Liberal support a sovereign wealth fund? A number of Liberal MPs have recently been publicly floating the idea of a sovereign wealth...

Is the nostalgia surrounding the Button Steel Plan misguided?

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | Mikayla Novak
Online Opinion 23rd September, 2011

In late August, BlueScope Steel announced it would close a blast furnace in Port Kembla and a hot strip mill in Hastings, southern Victoria, as...

Have the media watchers undermined press freedom?

Ideas & Liberty, Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum Opinion 21st September, 2011

It's not hard to see where the media inquiry is headed. The terms of reference were released last week. The inquiry will look at "the effectiveness...

The Government's costly mining mistake

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | Sinclair Davidson
The Drum Opinion 7th September, 2011

The first mistake the Gillard Government made was on the mining tax. The Rudd government had come undone by an audacious tax grab and Gillard...

Communications regulation is a dog's breakfast

Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum Opinion 6th September, 2011

The way we regulate media and communications is a dog's breakfast. That judgment has been blindingly obvious for more than a decade now. But it has...

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