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Perceptions about the declining health of our major catchment areas and the severity of drought in Australia often inspire poorly informed public policy. Furthermore, the economic considerations about Australian water supply is often misunderstood. The Institute of Public Affairs applies an evidence-based framework and rigorous economic analysis to examining issues concerning water policy.

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Mismanaging water policy can drain a budget

Water | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 29th April, 2011

FOLLOWING the report into state finances by an independent committee, we are seeing the hollowness of the previous Victorian government's claim to...

Murray-Darling irrigation and agricultural production are critical

Food & Environment and Water | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 10th December, 2010

Under Labor, Victorian water policy had an urban-orientation. Its focus was on reducing city usage and providing more water to Melbourne without...

Bank on basin's resilience

Food & Environment and Water | Alan Moran
The Australian Financial Review 10th December, 2010

John Quiggin argues that taxpayers should buy 34 per cent of the water now used by Murray-Darling basin irrigators and add this to the 50 per cent...

Damned decision

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision, Deregulation Unit, Climate Change and Water | Mikayla Novak
ABC Unleashed 17th November, 2009

The decision last week by Kevin Rudd, delivered by his environment minister Peter Garrett, to veto the proposed Traveston dam near Gympie...

Ultimate civic nonsense

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision, Health and Water | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 30th October, 2009

Kevin Rudd announced on Tuesday that he wanted the federal government to be involved in the urban planning for Australia's cities. Presumably, he...

Committee goes with wrong flow on water

Climate Change and Water | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 13th June, 2009

A state parliamentary committee report this week said Melbourne needs no more dams and water storages. Instead, the committee proposes more costly...


Dams will facilitate Northern development

MEDIA RELEASE | Dom Talimanidis

The Coalition's draft discussion paper on water management, reported in today's media, is a welcome recognition of the important role dams could play in revolutionising Northern Australia's economy, according to the Institute of Public Affairs....

Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Australia's Urban Water Sector


Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Australia's Urban Water Sector

What's happening to the Murray River

FACTS | Jennifer Marohasy

The Murray River is Australia's longest river, and together with its tributary, the Darling River, drains an area known as the Murray Darling Basin. The region has historically received only 6 per cent of Australia's annual rainfall but produced...